Please help keep me sane

Help- i need someone to talk me down off ceiling.
My AF due tomorrow (i think, have very wonky cycles since coming off pill). Anyway, have felt v. AF'y all day and in stinking form in general so decided to do an FR about an hour ago just to put myself out of misery.
Within a minute, the faintest of faint lines came up. I'm kind of excited but the sensible part of me is saying that the line should be darker with a FR and that maybe its a chemical pregnancy. Hubby is also reigning in his excitement and saying we should wait and take another test in a few days.
I just so badly want this to be a matter of me ovulating a few days later than I thought, which would explain the faint line.
And even if I am pregnant, that opens up a whole other can of worry around m/c again.
Feel physically sick since doing the test.

PS. Also posted in pregnancy after m/c but realised after that this is a more appropriate forum.


  • Hi a faint line is still aline and i think that hopefully you will find when you test in a few days the line will be much stronger. since it came up quickly aswell i think that is a good sign. I know the waiting game is torture but stay positive.

    I had a mmc recently and totally understand your worry about having another but since mine I have been on many forums and talked to alot of people and most people go on to have healthy, beautiful babies, often more than one.

    My thoughts are with you and I hope you get the result you want quickly. These forums are so supportive and it is great to be able to come on here to get things off your chest. I have also looked around the 'pregnant after MC' forum and they are all really supportive there and I think it is a great place to go as everyone is in the same boat and know exactly how you feel, as do we here as I believe the vast majority of us are ttc again.

    Good luck, stay positive and let us know how you get on
  • good luck. many women say a line is a line. maybe a cb test would give you more peace of mind as it says howmeny weeks.
    keeping my fingers crossed
  • Well I tested again today with 1st response and the line looks slightly darker. Which reassured me a bit. I guess I just ov'd later than I thought and so I'm picking up the preg v early on, rather than 2 weeks in. Fingers crossed for a sticky bean.
    I'll retest over the next few weeks and if all well i'll jump over to DIO.
    Thanks for all your replies.
  • A line is a line hun, it sounds really good congratulations xxx
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