First AF??????

I know this is not the best topic to discuss, but I am just wondering what people's first AF was like after D+C. I think I am having mine at the moment, think it started on Thursday, (bit unsure as I have been bleeding on and off for 7 weeks) it was heavish Thursday Friday and Saturday nothing to worry about.... however today I have had a really heavy bleed, so heavy it went through my pads almost straight away, I also has bad tummy pains with it....... I have never had an AF like this, this was really really heavy!!!!!!

I think tonight it has calmed down slightly. Just wondering if anyone else experienced anything like this with their first AF?


  • i had a chemical preg in early march, think i ov'd a weekand a half or so again and am starting to get cramps like af is coming.... I was wondering the same thing even though i didn't have a d&c...

    i read it could take as long as 7 or 8 weeks, sometimes longer and as short as 2 weeks... it's a case of wait and see I would assume. sorry i'm not much more help...:\(

    if you're still bleeding heavily tomorrow (soaking through a pad w/i an hour, i would call the gp to be on the safe side.

  • Hi 3054, I have to say that my AF is not as heavy as yours. I had heavy bleeding for the first 2 days but now it has calmed right down, like my normal one would usually do and I am expecting it to stop in the next few days. Mind you I have heard from lots of people that their first one was very heavy and painful. Hopefully yours will calm down in the next day or two

  • Hi 3054 both the AFs i have had since my ERPC have been very heavy and soaking through pads. I mentioned it to my GP last week and she seemed to think it was a good thing as previously my AFs had been very light which she said was more of an issue. However she did say if the bleeding got any heavier or lasted like that for more than a couple of days to ring and make an appointment to check I wasn't anaemic (have been before). They have also been quite painful too - hoping 3rd AF does not show up until Jan!!! Just try and think its making your uterus ready to accept your fertilised egg this month!
  • Muffin, thanks for the reply. It makes sense when you say it like that. It has calmed down a little today, yesterday was horrid, I ended up in A+E it was that heavy, they checked all my bloods etc and said everything was fine...... think I was being a little dramatic, but I have never had AF like that before as they have always been very light. So despite the blood loss I am not anemic and everything else is fine. Looks like I will just have to endure it for the next few days, then get ready for TTC..... now I have evem more reason to chase a BFP...... painful AF!!!!!!!

    I just got worried that it wasn't my Af after all....... but it defo is....... nothing else could be this bad!!!!!!!! Joys of being a woman eh!!!!!!:lol:
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