Kym Marsh

Has anyone else seen the tonight programme?

What an incrediblely brave lady she is doing thus programme about premature birth. Beennin tears watching it x x x


  • hey! im g/c from toddler hope you dont mind...i watched it! it was so sad and so brave of her to do the programme!! i was in tears within seconds of them showing pics of those tiny tiny babies! what a good thing to do out of her very sad situation x
  • I know. It's such a sad and very private experience. It's bad enough anyway but to go through that in the public eye is just unimaginable.

    For her to sit next to that little baby who was born the day after her baby was just heatbreaking. I don't feel ready to openly talk about my experience in the real world so I thought she was so very brave to do such an important programme x x
  • she is certainly brave and i dont know how she does it!! did you see her interview on this morning last week too!! it breaks my heart!

    fortunately i have never been through such a thing .. i dont know how you and others that have been through it get through the days its a strength that i cant even begin to imagine.. i just hope that one day soon you all get what your hearts truely desire and deserve.. i am so so sorry for your loss xx
  • I watched that & this morning last week, so sad but what courage she has speaking out only 7 months after losing her little one xxx
  • I know. I'd want to sink into a black hole but good for her bringing it out in the open. I can't imagine having to go through that so publicly x
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