FAO Happy Traveller

Hey hun, sorry hope you don't mind the FAO but didn't wana g/c/ the getting to know u post!

If you don't mind me asking how did u find out about your pcos and was it after your bfp? just i'm going for a scan this month as i've had some bleeding and funy things going on and this was one of the things my gp mentioned :-S ... xxx


  • Heya Rocky, how's it going? Nope, don't mind the fao at all, I feel quite special hehe image
    It's a bit of a long story, but I've suspected I have it for a little while and mentioned it to my gp after we didn't conceive after about 12-15 months or so of trying. I've always been really sporty and healthy, but kept gaining weight and couldn't control it, amongst other symptoms. I have always had periods though (but day 21 bloods confirmed not ovulatory). Somehow, I got my BFP the week before my consultant appt, so cancelled it. After m/c I managed to get back in quite quickly, where they scanned me internally and showed me the cysts (lovely!). I don't by any stretch know it all about PCOS, but I've read around it and what you can do for it a LOT recently, so am happy to talk more about it if you need to xxx
  • hee hee, so if i do my internal scan should sjow it up right? it's all so confusing! are one of the symptoms bleeding in between AF's at all? i'm trying not to get myself too worked up as i don't think i do but i hate the idea of them finding something out! xx
  • Ummm...I've not heard of bleeding in between af's being a symptom, it's more the opposite, long cycles and no ovulation. Again, I could be wrong though! Maybe someone on the PCOS forum has had that as a symptom?
    I wouldn't get worked up about it though, there's lots they can do for it IF you have it image xxx
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