11 DPO and BFN, Could I still be preganant?


I did a first response test yesterday morning which was negative I was convinced that I was pregnant as I have had lots of symptoms. My period is due today. I have had bad cramping pains the last few days. Normally I only start to get cramping pains the day my period is due then within the hour my period would start. Could I still be pregnant despite first response being 99% accurate the day before your period is due and this being aBFN or am I holding out for a miracle?


  • Yes you could. I have seen lots of posts recently about some ladies not getting BFP untill a good while after af is due.
    Im on cd36 (usually 28) and just got mine this morning. It had been -ive up to now.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • Congratulations babylove. I hope that happens to me!
  • Hi Ellie,

    How have you been?? Any sign of anything happening?

    Hope you're ok and have some good news!! xxx
  • Hi Amber,

    Thanks for asking but unfortunately I am again not pregnant. Period arrived a day late. Been 6 months since my miscarriage and was hoping I would be pregnant by my due date on 3 August but that will not happen now. Fingers crossed for next month .
  • Hi Ellie, sorry to hear the ol witch turned up, am keeping my fingers crossed for you for next month. Zxx
  • Hi Ellie,

    So sorry it's took me so long to get on here and reply.

    Sorry to hear that she arrived, but maybe this month will be the lucky one for you? I've heard a few stories on here and of friends when they have mc'd and the month they are due they fall again, I so hope that happens for you.

    I understand how hard it is, I'm dreading Oct already. Hope you can keep positive, it will happen for you soon!!

    Best of luck for this month & buckets of babydust! xx
  • Thanks Amber. I hope August is my month. It is also our first wedding anniversary on 14 August so would be lovely to fall pregnant this month.

    Good luck to you x
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