cd18 and all ready running out of patience

there is no hope for me. i can't wait for anything. i had peaks on cd15 and 16 and i am all ready looking at tests in boots. i think a straight jacket is in order!!!!! i want to test on the 3rd but I'm going mad. how do you all cope with the 2 week up hill climb? has anyone got a time machine i can borrow.


  • I'm on CD23 and due AF on 1st March. I totally know how you feel. It's torture waiting each month. I have decided not to test until at least a few days late as getting BFN is the worst disappointment for me - worse than AF arriving as at least then you are onto a new cycle and can try again. BFN just feels like being in limbo. Good luck and honestly, I sympathise with how you are feeling!
  • haha I could not have written it better myself!
    I am now CD 20 and it is driving me mad. Before my MMC my cycles were 37 days since coming off the pill and then I had my first AF spot on 28 days! not sure what length it will be this time but it is driving me mad all this waiting already!
    fingers crossed for you xxx
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