advice on TTC before 1st AF arrives?

Hi ladies,

im after a bit of advice please,

for those who dont know my story in, brief, end of Nov we lost our baby at 17 weeks (1st baby). A number of doctors have said to wait between 1 - 3 cycles before ttc again. Whilst in hospital I was already planning when I could get pregnant again (sorry if that sounds harsh - I just wanted to be pregnant again) - we were very lucky last time as in we conceived after 1 attempt, but unfortunately our baby was to be an angel that time.

I had worked out that I would prob bleed for about 2 weeks, then have 3/4 weeks before AF arrived - beforehand I always had very regular 28 day cycles - and then we could start trying

well 7 1/2 weeks later Im still bleeding, although it is slowing down a bit now. This is really getting me down as Id thought that we would at least be trying by now.

So my question is - should we wait until AF arrives and then start trying afterwards, or shall we start trying after the bleeding has stopped this time around?

we're desperate to be pregnant again, and Im worried that if AF doesnt arrive for a number of weeks, and we dont conceive soon then there will be no baby this year.

Is there any medical reason other than dating reasons that we cant try before AF? If we were to get pregnant before AF, does this mean more of a risk to the pregnancy?

Im a bit confused as Ive also heard that you are more fertile following mc. (not sure how true it is)

thank you for reading my ramble


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  • Hi hun

    I dont think there is any medical reason why you cant try before AF arrives lot of women do it & some are lucky & conceive.

    After our 1st mmc I went with a friend to her fertility clinic appt & she asked the Doctor who was kind enough to speak to me & she said apart from dating purposes there was no medical reason if we were up to it why we could ttc again straight away she said best to just have lots of sex as after a mc or erpc your womb is fresher!!

    I hope the bleeding eases up for you soon hun it's not nice at all.

    Will keep everything crossed that your sticky bean is just around the corner xxx

  • thank you for your lovely message Laujai,

    Im feeling a bit emotional today - just fed up of being stuck in limbo

    that's very interesting what your friends consultant said to you - its definately giving me encouragement.

    Ive also got to admit Im a bit scared of my doctor - and she's told me to wait at least 2 "normal" cycles untle ttc again - but that could take ages. If we do ttc and luckily conceive before AF I can just picture her face, and the unapproving look!

    think Im going to speak to hubbie later and see what he thinks about ttc straight away - ive carried on taking folic acid, vitamins, eating healthily and not drinking following last preg/mc so all of that is okay.

    great about your results as well hun,

    2010 is going to be much better for us all

    x x x

  • I can imagine hun it's awful what you have been through.

    I know what you mean by some GP's as nice as mine is I felt like she was tutting at me the other day on the phone cause I sort of said about ttc again!!!

    It can only be your decision as a couple & if your both up to it then why not & if you do conceive at least your get some early scans for dating purpose's & be looked after this time round.

    Thanks hun im feeling very releived!!

    Im positive 2010 will better for us all xxx
  • Hi purple bubbles,
    I feel the same as you hun, after mmc in Nov, so much time has gone by.
    I'm so glad I read this thread image
    Ialso read that there's no reason to wait apart from dating reasons. I'm choosing to believe that you're more fertile after mc too, mayas well stay positive about it all.
    2010 is the year for us!
    Good luck ttc
    nettie x
  • hi ya nettie,

    glad this thread has helped - but wish you werent in the same boat (if you know what I mean - I mean it nicely!)

    im glad youve been told similar things to me, Im just so fed up of waiting.

    bleeding has nearly stopped , so hopefully in the next few weeks we can start bd'ing. At last!!!! x

    thanks again Laujai - you are always so supportive and helpful. thank you x x x
  • Hi,
    I lost my son at 27 weeks and my midwife told me that my body was ready if i wanted to start trying immediately. I think the 3 month thing is to get you mentally ready for trying again?
    Good luck xx
  • Hi Purplebubbles,
    Im with everyone else. I was told it was ok to start ttc right away and i have though no luck yet and stilL no AF and 10 wks since ERPC. Think its my age but not giving up hope ever ever ever ! Stay strong sweetie x x x
  • thanks Dotty - not "spoken" to you for a little while - how are you? thanks for sharing what youve been told - its so confusing as to know what to do for the best! hope your doing okay x

    thank you for replying SengaMcBride - no dont give up ever! Its horrid not knowing what your body is doing ! hope you get your BFP real soon hun.

    x x
  • Gosh hun im glad that it's finally slowing down for you must be doing you in now!!xxx

    I was the same as you, 10 weeks after erpc & still no AF you havent caught it in between have you, that's what we done!
  • Hi,
    Thought I'd just let you know what my GP said to me today, I've just got back from my appointment...

    I had an ERPC 5 days ago so it's still very recent but I have stopped bleeding. My GP said that there is no reason not to TTC straight away. Like others have said, some people say to wait a cycle for dating reasons but that can easily be sorted by a scan.

    HB and I are waiting until I get a negative HPT just so I know if/when I get a BFP I know it's not from this time round. I don't know how long it will be until I get a BFN (hopefully soon!).

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
    xx xx
  • Hi, im not exactly new to the site, but new to posting!

    Unfortunatly me and my partner lost our first baby over christmas at 8 weeks image
    i have only just stopped bleeding on 20th Jan, and had a check up at the hospital today 25th jan.
    The gyn advised that now i have stopped bleeding and my preg test result (which i did last week) was neg, there is no reason why we cant start trying again straight away :\)

    She adv the same as others above, sometimes ppl wait for 1 AF just for dating purposes, but theres nothing to say you cant try, and get pregnant again before your AF! Although there are some myths etc, there is NO increased risk of miscarriage if you do get pregnant again before your AF....

    so get crakin i say and good luck to us all for 2010!

    Sian xxx
  • thanks for everyones responses,

    well now the bleeding has stopped that means we can now TTC!!! yyeaaahhhh!!

    thank you everyone for putting my mind at rest,

    good luck to you all!!!

    2010 is going to be a good year

    x x x
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