Advice needed.

Hi, not posted since after my MMC in early July. Started trying againSept then got my monthly beg oct, I am now 3 days late this month and have slight sickness and a dull ache in lower stomach. I have done a cheap tesco test this morn but not much wee (sorry tmi) and have a very very faint line in first box and strong in next box. Not sure if I am imagining faint line, shall I test again??? Has this happened with anyone else. Just need a bit of advice. Thanks xxx:\?


  • Hey , sorry 2 hear of ur MC. A line is a line even if it is faint so it looks like congrats are in order!! I would use a CB digital, that way u actually see the PREGNANT word!! xx
  • Hi, Think I will nip out and get one. Going to be gutted if I am wrong. Thanks xx
  • Let me know how u get on hun, good luck!! xx
  • hi luvvie - did you use for first pee of the morning?
  • Hi didn't use first pee, know this is strongest but wasn't going to test. Just been and got clearblue but picked up wrong one in my excitement and not got digital one - I am such a dodo. This one has not worked. Think I should wait for tomorrow and get a digital one. xx
  • Yippee gave in and went for digital test and got my BFP!!!! SO EXCITED.. XXXX
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