How long to wait?

Hi Ladies,

I hope you are all well!!!
I havent been on here for a while, well since i had my ERPC on the 10th March. Have been really feeling down about it and just wanted to try and deal with everything, gradually feeling better!

I was just wondering how long you waited before having sex after having an ERPC and whether you can get pregnant straight away or do you need to use contraception?
I should have asked when i was in hospital really but there was so much going on, it was all a bit of a blur really. And now, i have no one to ask!!
Im worried if i do have sex with no contraception and i havent had my period yet that something can go wrong inside? I probably talking nonsense but i really dont know what to think.

Kate x


  • Hi, thanks for replying to my other post, yup I remember you from due in oct. I guess you can have sex again whenever you feel ready sweet, although if trying to conceive, some people say you should wait for your first period, then again, I have also heard you are pretty fertile straight after an op too!! So, I guess whenever you feel ready, just go for it. Good luck sweet. Zxx
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