Statistically safe to try again?????

I was wandering about statistics in relation to trying again after a MC......

Iam not clear on whether or not it is in fact safe to try again straight away as i have read that if you dont wait until at least having one period then the lining of the womb is not strong enough to support a pregnancy?????

Following my MC just over 3 weeks ago i have finally stopped bleeding and spotting completely and have had a BFP. Both me and hubby do want to try again and to be honest have already started to have some full bedroom fun without precaution;\)

My worry is that if i am lucky enough to catch straight away will I not be giving my baby the best possible chance as my body wont be fully prepared. My Dr didn't really give me a specific answer, stating that he would advise me to wait for a couple of months but I think he was coming from an emotive angle rather than a medical one.

Any advise


  • Hi hun, my midwife says if you feel ready and if you had no medical intervention then try straight away as did the GP.
    they only tell you to wait for dating purposes but now they have scans so this is no longer a rule. according to my gp.

    to be honest they tell you that your first AF could be heavy so there must be enough lining there for this to happen.

    we started trying straight away and we are hoping for a BFP in 2-3 weeks time, hopefully if im one of the lucky ones. I had my MC on the 30th May and have had a BFN. ovulated this week so fingers crossed.

    if you feel ready then go for it.

    good luck and lots of baby dust for you.

  • Thanks for that no harm in going for it then
  • hi shelley, just wanted to ask if you had a natural mc or a d&c? I had a d&c and got pg again 2 weeks after but i lost that because my lining wasn't thick enough, I think if it's a natural mc it's not so thin.x
  • Hi,
    I had a ERPC 4 weeks ago now, had my first BFN 3 weeks ago and finally have stopped spotting. For the last week I have had no discharge what so ever which I am taking as a good sign. I'm really waiting for AF but am still having sex.

    thanks for your post
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