What were your.......

.......afs like after ERPC/D&C?
My first came exactly 28days after mine so assumed the next would be the same. I am now on cd32 and no sign of af. I have done tests and BFN so not likely that im pregnant.
I have never been late before but have heard your cycles can be messed up after D&C.
What were yours like?

Thanks xxx


  • Hi there, mine have varied since my ERPC from 28 - 32 days - I just hope they don't get any longer!!! Zxx
  • Hi Babylove, how are you??

    My 1st cycle was 28/29 days then my 2nd one was only 24 days, my current cycle looks like it will be 28 days. That prob doesn't help you much!

    Fingers crossed Af will stay away and you'll get a BFP in a few days!! xx
  • Hi,

    I got my first period following the ERPC about 24 days later. My second cycle was much longer. From memory it was about 35 days. My usual cycle before the ERPC was 28 days. Hope this helps.
  • Thanks ladies. Its just all so frustrating.
    I have just commented on another post about how sh*t it is to go through a mc/mmc and then have to deal with your cycles being messed up because of it :cry:

    Sorry im just having a bad day xxx
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