Hey girls

Dont know if anyone will remember me but just wanted to pop back to see how everyone is doing? xx


  • hey wigzy!

    how many weeks are you now? I often think of you as my positive story after ectopic!

    af arrived yesterday so here's to a crimbo baby! x x
  • wigzy!!! hey hun! i was wondering about you! how are you?
  • Hey wigzy, you OK? Hows bump image

  • Hey lovely ladies!!

    Ive missed u all!!

    Im doing well, Im 20+2 2day. Cant believe where the time has gone!!

    MP, sorry to hear the witch found you but you sound full of PMA!! When did you start TTC again?

    Gussie, how are things going?

    Big hugs ladies!! xx
  • Hey Rainbow!!

    Bump is getting there now!!

    I just read about whats been happening, Im so sorry to hear that hun!!

    Silly question, but how are you? xx
  • I'm OK I spose - you have to be don't you?! Going back to work tomorrow, hopefully that will help to take my mind off things.

  • hey wigzy! lovely to *see* you! yikes! thats gone quick!!! are u going to find out the sex? xx
  • Hello you

    Blimey were has the time gone!!! 20 wks already, are you growing a nice bump them?? xx
  • 20wks gone already geezz where'd the time go??!! i am doing ok, still ttc thought i had happened last cycle as AF was 3 days late but no such luck! trying to keep pma up. i am so glad to hear things are going so good!
    *hugs* kari
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