Anyone think of anything else to ask at nxt wks appt...

Hi ladies

So have got the follow up appt at recurrent mc clinic nxt tues, even though managed to get the remainder of blood results over the phone we will be discussing these but as there clear not sure what there will be to discuss.

He had mentioned previously about doing a hysteroscopy or a lap as have a history of endometriosis.

I know it's hard for anyone to tell me what to ask but what would you ask if it were you, I dont want them to just discharge me cause I feel really helpless at the moment & as much as we want a baby I am now going through a panicky stage again about mc again.

Last week I started to think about if I was pg (CD2 so am not) & I was overcome with fear that it just wouldnt be successful cause we've lost 4 already.

Sorry for such a low post I just dont know what to do anymore );

xx (also in ltttc)


  • Hugs... I'm sure you must have so many emotions and thoughts running through your head at the moment. The only thing I can think of at the moment is clinical trials, whether they have any coming up that you could be considered for. When I had my 2nd MC my hospital were running a study into the use of heparin for women who have no proven clotting disorder, and the midwife told me off the record they were getting promising results. Perhaps your local hospital does similar work?

    Will have a think tonight and let you know if I come up with anything else, best of luck for the appt hon,

    Hannah xx
  • Thank you Hannah that's a good idea, I want to speak to them about heparin cause it cant hurt even though I dont have any clotting issues.

    Im just scared there gona say there is nothing they can do to help!!!

  • Hi hun,
    OK, so you want some ideas for questions? I'm sure that you have already thought of these, but if it were me I would ask..
    1) An explanation of the tests you had
    2) Next steps considering that they came back clear
    3) What other therapies are available, such as asprin etc.
    4) Clinical trials is a good idea i would ask about that..

    I did a google search for you and found this site with Q&A about recurrent mc

    and I also found this forum that had a discussion with an IVF specialist answering questions about recurrent mc.

    This link will take you to another link for the discussions.

    I hope this helps??
    I would want to stay under their care for piece of mind but if they do discharge you make sure you find out if they have a way to self refer back into the clinic if you need to. Get as much info out of them as possible! xxxx
  • Oh hun thank you so so much, ive just been googling recurrent mc but came up with the same things I had in the past. This helps alot & I appreciate you taking the time to look at some info for me, thanx your a star!!
    How have you been not seen you around for a bit? xxx
  • No problem! Glad I could help. it's horrible being anxious about the future but having a few questions up your sleeve helps to feel like your doing something positve, you know what I mean? Yeah i know I haven't posted in a while, I do usually have a quick check in the mornings so I am around!! I am trying to not get so obsessed with ss when I'm in my 2ww and I find when i come on here, hearing all the girls' stories it makes me worse!! haha. I'm 6dpo today and got my fingers crossed very tightly xxxx
  • I know what you mean hun thanks. Everything crossed for you this cycle, know what you mean by ss watch LOL I think cause we gave it a rest this cycle wanted to try & feel that same excitement with ttc that used to get, no such luck!! Keep me updated on how you do lovely & thanks for the help have had a read through & now have more Q relating to history of endo xxx
  • Hi hun,
    Hope appointment goes OK. I agree with what others have said about asking about aspirin or heparin. Someone else on this website had 3 miscarriages I think and is/was having HCG injections in her current pregnancy. I assume that's going OK, though I haven't been back on the Due In forum for obvious reasons.
    Good luck
    Mary xxx
  • hi Laujai,

    I cant think of anything else that hasnt already been mention, but if I do Ill let you know.

    just wanted to say hope your appointment goes well - thinking ofyou hun

    x x x
  • Thanks ladies.

    Maria it's good to hear from you, I think having discussions like this just get your brain ticking!!

    Ive also read about them not being keen to prescribe aspirin or heparin as there can be side effects!! I will try & find out as much as I can about Factor V from the consultant & report back!!

    You know as well part of it is I didnt think about the stages after the blood results, cause I have a history of endo & have had to have 2 laps to remove it im worried now about the state of my uterus!!! God the stress never ends does it!!
    Then had a flip out moment last week before AF arrived & sheer panic set in about what if I was actually pg!!! xx
  • Your right it is, last week I was up & then AF turns up & bam right back down again!!! I think sometimes it's just hard not to SS when your ttc if you feel something your mind automatically thinks symptom were as if we wernt ttc we wouldnt even notice!!!

    Good Luck again hun I hope to be hearing some good news from you soon xxx
  • Hey there

    I think Babyluv's questions are the ones I would ask, plus about the aspirin and progesterone. I also read on here somewhere at some point (can't remember where!!) that taking extra B6 helps.

    But I think mainly I would want an explanation of the tests, what they mean for you and your hubby and what sort of ON GOING support they will give you THROUGHOUT your next pregnancy.

    Good luck with it honey.
  • Thanks M&S, I have my notebook out so am taking notes, there not gona know whats hit them LOL!! xx
  • That's me girl! Oh and there was a special scan I read about that checks the uterus and tubes, I think it was on one of those links I sent you, have you had it?? I think its called a HSG I think?? xx
  • Hello luv,

    Yes have heard of HSG they use a dye to see if your tubes are blocked. Think it's very similar to the hysteroscopy which I should be having they use a dye as well & either X-Ray or use a camera to get a better look at the tubes & uterus. I know one of my tubes is bad as it sticks to my bowel & they can never get a good look at it on a US!!

    That I-village link was very interesting especially as there were some women asking about the link to mc & endometriosis.

    Thanks again sweetie, hope your well xx
  • No suggestionjs I'm afraid just wanted to say I hope your appointment goes weel next week xx
  • Thanks DM xxxx
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