We are officially TTC again......

Well we will be tomorrow...... I only had three days bleeding after my D+C not had anything since from Saturday so fingers crossed the physical side is done.

My OH has been checking and double checking that I feel ready..... but I want nothing more..... I know we should wait a short while...... but we just dont want to........

I am hoping and praying that we fall as quickly as we did first time round....... we I am sure we deserve a little luck. Not using any Ovulation Tests etc, just going to see how we get on...... keep it natural and enjoy the baby making!!!!!!!

I am feeling much more positive today, good to have a positive mixed in with the several negative one's!!!!:\)


  • Good luck hun,
    Understand completely about trying straight away, am sure we all feel like that.
    Keeping my fingers crossed it happens quickly for you xxxx
  • Good luck! I was in the other forum with you so we were about the same.
    I think we'll be waiting until after my first AF, although I'm not sure we'll manage to wait that long!!
    Crossing my fingers for you too.
  • Good luck sweetie!!! Hope you are not in this forum for very much longer!!!
  • Best of luck TTC. It sounds like you've recovered from the bleeding nice and quick so hopefully your body will be ready for a nice fat BFP soon too!
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