Feeling very overwhelmed today

Ahhhh....where to start. I have felt all day like I could just cry at any moment. My sister just had a baby last week and has been so ungrateful for her (as she didn't want to get pregnant.). All she has done is complain and even made a rude comment which Im sure she didn't think about before she said it. I offered for her to come stay the night with us so that she could get out of the house and she said," you won't want to hear her crying at 2 in the morning," and I said it's fine, Im use to it since I've been through it myself, and her response," you haven't even had a baby in over 3 years!". I felt crushed because of our loss last year, and it didn't help that she found out she was pregnant a month after I lost mine. She totally caught me off guard because we've always been so close. On top of that, it's been a year since we've been trying, and I only feel as if it's getting worse. I had my laparoscopy done 6 weeks ago, and I've not only been cramping horribly ever since, but I've been hving a ton of pressure and just an overall uneasy feeling in my bladder/left ovary, and I still have not had a period. I decided to reluctantly test 3 days ago, but of course BFN was all I got. I don't know how much more I can take. I have yet another appointment scheduled with my gyn next week, so we'll see what he thinks. I just have a bad feeling that something went wrong during the surgery that may have ruined any chance of me getting pregnant again. Sorry for the rant, but I tried to talk to dh about it, and he just said," well maybe you shouldn't have gotten a laparoscopy," and then went to sleep. I feel so alone and shut down right now. I feel a little better now since I know you all understand exactly how Im feeling. I suppose I will try to sleep it off, as it is 1:30 AM here, and as usual Im the only one awake image. Hope you all have a good night :\)


  • hey hun! long time no see. Am sory that you're feeling so down at the moment and i can totally understand why you're worrying the way you are - i hope the appoinment helps to put your mind at rest! I also get that it must be really really tough with your sister. especially if you've been so close. i would say have it out with her and explian how ur feeling, maybe leave it a little while if you can first as it's all new to her so she could just be tired and stressed but i say you need to make sure u keep that bond with ur sis, me and my younger sis havw nevr been close, 5 years between us, but we're not as close as we used to be! drives me nuts and also makes me feel quite sad at times but hey ho. hope it gets better for u soon hun xx
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