No AF... No BFP

Hi ladies

Well I took a test and BFN image

I normally have a 25 day cycle but as I have not had AF since M/C I do not know when she will arrive. In one one I want her to come so I know I am back to normal and know what is happening and another I want a BFP image

I just hate waiting....

Gem xx

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  • Hi Gem,

    I am new to the boards - found them a few days back and am amazed at the support and kindness of people. I am so sorry for your has to be the worst experience any woman can go through.

    How long is it since your MC? If you don't mind me asking how soon did you start trying? Has anyone warned you off trying before you have one normal cycle?

    I lost my little one at 9 weeks nearly three weeks ago and was devastated. I was on one of the other threads and people didn't seem to think that starting to try again before the AF was an issue - but one of the doctors seemed to suggest it would I am now confused what to do for the best.

  • Hi Gem,

    I spoke to my GP about this on Friday as my AF is also awol and he said after an mc the af usually takes 5 - 7 weeks to return and not to panic until that 7 week mark has passed; which for me is the 21st August. I dont think i'm pg anyway, we only bd'd a couple of times the week after I stopped bleeding and nothing since due to hubbys shift work.
  • Apple~I am also sorry for your loss and it is devastating to go through.
    I M/C four weeks ago and I bled for a couple of days(was spotting for a week before heavy bleeding started). We started trying again three days after the bleeding.
    They mainly say have one AF then try due to dating issues I think. It is when you are ready and up to trying again I think, some people like to wait and some people try again straight way.
    There has been a few women on here that have not got AF after M/C and got BFP.

    Do you have any children already? I have a DD who is 18 months.
    Good luck with trying again xxx

    Lambchop~Ahhh I do not want mine to be that long away! We have BD every couple of days(a few times every day) and was hoping I would get a BFP but I knew I would not be so lucky this time image

    Can I get PG if I do not have AF yet?? ahh I just want to go back to normal now image

    I would love a spring baby so here is to next month if I am not pg.

    Gem xx

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  • Hi Gem and lambchop,

    Wow a few days - I think there is something wrong with me as I bled for two and a half weeks (sorry TMI).

    I got kind of scared off trying now by the doctor who indicated a slightly higher risk of a further mc if you didn't wait for the first AF to come and go. I too had been told it can take a while for AF to return to normal.

    This was my first pregnancy that I lost and I am really missing carrying little bump - I really do feel like trying again and if it happens fantastic - but am scared to death of going through what happened again. I can't even tell people at work as no one knew - its not a nice place and the boss is horrible.

    I really would love a spring baby - I had planned out stuff already for my last one (how sad is that) and given my age don't really feel like I can wait. Sending you all love and hugs for

  • Nothing wrong with you hun every one is different some people I know have bled for a few weeks and some like myself a few days.

    I had already planned stuff and was so excited but like they say some things are not meant to be which is a shame.

    I will so scared next time but I so hope it will be a sticky bean image

    Baby dust to you xxx

    Gem x
  • Gem ....your BFP could still come! You might have OV'd later due to MC and your BFP might show up in a few days...Fingers crossed for you xx hopefully I can take you off the August TTC list as you'll have BFP instead xx
  • Still no AF but I do not think I will get BFP this month as I thought I OV two weeks ago but not sure :\?

    I just hate how after M/C it can mess up your cycles I just want AF to come if not PG so then I know where I am and when to test etc...for next month.

    If not BFP by next week and still no AF I might have to change my date on testing on Aug...who knows what is going on with my body \?

    Gem xx
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