2nd scan at EPU

Well girls it went well and Im 7+5. They managed 2 see a heartbeat!!

No more scans at the EPU now, just have 2 go 2 my docs 4 the booking in appointment. xx


  • That is fantastic news! You must be so relieved!

    I just keep thinking of your positive post ectopic story to stop me going insane come January !x x x
  • Thanks MP!!

    I understand how nervous u will be when u ttc again, I was exactly the same!!

    Remember what my midwife said 2 - that shes only seen 3 girls repeating an ectopic in her time at the EPU.

    Hows things with u? xx
  • I do keep thinking that and my GP said the same thing.

    I'm good thanks, we start ttc again next month. I'm so excited but scared but I think more excited at the moment! x x x
  • That's great news Wigzy. I'm very pleased for you. xx
  • yay congrats wigzy!
  • Thats so lovely to hear - it makes me excited about when we will start ttc!
  • Thats fantastic news hun

    Congratulations xxx
  • Thats brilliant Wigzy - it must be amazing to see the heartbeat, cant wait for mine in 12 days - I will be 7 +5 too so I hope I see the heartbeat just like you - you can relax a little now and enjoy the pregnancy - you deserve it chick! X
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