been to see consultant

Hi everyone

been to see the consultant today. i went privatly this time as i wanted answers and iv had such a terrible time with nhs.
a bit of background, i was pregnant two years ago and lost the baby at around 9 weeks, i didnt know i was pregnant (i have pcos) i then tried for two years with the help of clomid and an ov drilling op.

i then fell pregnant again on clomid 150mg and was so excited yet so nervous because of what happened before. anyway i sadly lost baby again at 8 weeks.

the consultant today, has said that it looks like i have either a immune system problem or sticky blood with prevents blood getting to the placenta, i have to wait till the results come back and have a nhs app on the 27 july.

the course of action then is to actually try to fall pregnant again and then have all the relevent drugs to stop mc. incredibly frustrating but what can you do?!!

has anyone had the same problem??? xx


  • hiya hun
    glad youve got some sort of answers and the help you need.
    Sorry im not much use but didnt want to R&R H x
  • Hi hun, at least your doc has found a possible cause and there may be some help he can give you. I know it's not ideal but it's a little way to a solution.

    Good luck hun, hopefully you'll be a mommy soon!
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