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Hi hun,

Haven't seen you posting for a while, was just wondering how you were getting on or if you'd been for any tests at all?

Hope your ok


  • Ah Lady, just clicked on your name to check on your posts in ttc as I wondered how you were getting on pet and saw this thread! Sorry I have been on but mainly in ttc as I get a bit upset when I see all the sadness over here sometimes, I do pop on every now and then to see how everyone is and what they're up to but like I say mainly stay in ttc as it's happier - if that makes sense - I hate reliving every mc I have had, all the storys are so very familiar.

    I have had soooooo many tests now and on Wednesday this week I'm due to see the obstetric geneticist and his counselor as they found I have a homozygous mutation of one of my chromosomes along with a bunch of other strange test results, I appear to have mild cases of s'sjorns syndrome (?spelling)and mixed connective tissue disease too (a form of Lupus and a couple of other things) although the rheumatologist is not overly concerned about those right now as I have very few symptoms and it shouldn't be the cause of the mc's. As for the mutation, my degree was in Human Genetics though and I have researched it and I'm not too concerned about it as it seems as long as I do the lovenox injections for the whole 9 months and they monitor me really closely I should be able to carry a babe. If the next time I mc too we will check dh's chromosomes too to see if there are any problems there. I had a sono histogram too - Jeeeeezzzzuuuusss was that the most painful thing I have ever had done!!!! I wouldn't recommend it to anyone but am glad I had it done as they said my uterus was looking good and much to my surprise is not actually made of Teflon image

    So how are you getting on pet - any word on your side?

    OMG and what great news in ttc - 3 long term ttc'ers getting their bfps yesterday, Susie, SD and Jay - I couldn't be more excited for them, it gives me hope :\)

    So i've lost 2 of my Golden Girls now in ttc - I have one left and it's looking promising that she might get her bfp this month - not sign of af and temps still high - Jay and I are on tender hooks waiting to see if she's got her bfp too! So you may have to come and be my buddy in the GG's! image
  • Wow, that's lots of tests hun! Good to hear that you're uterus isn't teflon lol! So there should be no reason why, the next time you fall pg, that it should end in mc as long as you are closely monitered and jabbed for the whole 9 months! So now you're back to ttc with a vengeance eh?!

    I really hope you get your BFP this cycle! Are you still in for March? I would love to be in March with all the ladies who are over there. There's lots of special ladies over there this time!

    I am now 6dpo myself, and have some brownish cm today which i'm praying is implantation. I'm probably gonna test Wednesday which is 10dpo so fingers crossed i get a BFP!

    I know what you mean about the stories over here, it's very scary how all of the new ladies posts sound exactly the same as ours did back when we all went through it! It's a terrible thing, but i think it will make every little milestone in pregnancy that little bit more special!

    So where abouts in your cycle are you now hun?
  • I'm about 3-4 dpo, we did try this month despite all the test results not being bac and the red light from the doctor, but I couldn't hold out for another month! image I didn't do temps this month though so I'm not exactly sure which day I ov'd but I did do the opk's and smep (kind of - apart from one day when I wasn't feeling well, and you know I must have felt awful as I'm normally a fiend at bd time :lolimage, we also used preseed, which we do all the time now as each time we've used it I have got my bfp! I just hope that missing a day didn't ruin my chances as normally we don't miss a day........I guess time will tell!

    So we're only 2 days apart then! I will probably start religiously poas on Friday next week although i'm off to Vegas on Friday evening for the weekend with the girls so if I do that and get my bfp I don't think I'll be drinking! So i'm kind of undecided about when to test as it's one thing to have a drink or 2 when you're not sure but to do it when you know your pg - well even I don't condone that image

    So my cycle is about 28-30 days at the moment so I am guessing yes if we both got our bfp in a few days we would both be in DIM!!!!! How great would that be! (I think the date FF is telling me is March 29th, so I'd just scrape in) image

    I hope your brown cm is implantation - what did you do this month? Anything different?

  • Aww i think i need some of that preseed! I know i've asked this before but where do you get it from?

    Well last night my cm turned into bright red blood! I checked my cervix and it was low and open so i thought great! AF at 6dpo, that's some major ttc problems! Today though there's hardly anything and my cervix is back high again so i have no idea what the hells going on but i'm not holding out any hopes for a BFP this cycle now!

    I think i might follow your programme next cycle :lol: SMEP and preseed! I've also got a cbfm but my cycles are so crazy it's not working very well atm!

    I don't think i'd be able to not BD around OV even if doc says no! Your never gonna get a BFP else! When are you expecting your results?

  • Hhhhmmmm that's strange - maybe that's your implantation??? I hope it is for you! Wouldn't that be great!!! I've never had an implantation bleed with any of my bfp's - I always have a good look though around that time image If it is implantation for you you didn't need to get the microscope out to see that did you! :lol:

    All my test results are back now I just have to see the genetics obstetrician next week, I guess he may run some more tests I don't know. They are supposed to come up with a plan for the next bfp so hopefully it will be useful and get me my l/o eventually :\)

    I can't recommend pre-seed enough it is great - now I get mine from the chemist but I live in the states (originally I'm from the UK) you might have to look on their website and see where you can get it in the UK. My cycle buddy in ttc ordered hers online I know that much. www.preseed.com
  • Awww i'll have to have a look! Just looking at that thread over in ttc it seems to have some rave reviews! I'm definately gonna get some if this turns out to be AF!

    Well looking at your record you'll probably have a BFP by the end of your cycle! Are they going to have to monitor you every day? I didn't realise you lived in the states, i guess it's quite expensive for you with all the tests!

    I'll keep an eye out for your BFP announcement image

    How long have you lived in the States? I would love to leave the UK!

  • Hi Lady - sorry, long day at work and didn't get online properly until now so I couldn't have a good look through the chat!

    I've lived here about 6.5 yrs - I don't think I could come back now, I love the weather (I live in Dallas) and get to see ths sun everyday which is great!

    I'm not holding my breath on a bfp this month as I had the son-hystogram a few days before I ov'd and it seemed to delay my ov and I also bled alot after - like a one day af - so I don't know if there will be any lining for it to implant - also we didn't manage to bd everyday from my +ve opk, which we normally do, as I was sick - all that being said you never know though I suppose!

    So you're testing tomorrow right (Wednesday)? I will try and jump online at work and see what your result is - here's hoping for a bfp for you! xx
  • Lady your new picy is hilarious!!! :lol:

    I often say I have a teflon uterus and it needs to be velcro! :lol:

    Anyway did you test today?
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