Questions about TTC after my recent mscarriage

Hi everyone,

I recently had a miscarrage, I started bleeding on 20th Dec (8 weeks preg) went to the EPU and had a scan on 23rd Dec who advised me i was miscarrying. Continued to bleed like a period with small clots (some times quite heavy) and passed what looked like the sac (about an inch 1/2 long) on 1st Jan. My bleeding then slowed down and stopped on Tues 5th Jan. I have not bled since.

What date was my miscarriage was it when i started bleeding or passed the sac? When am I likely to ovulate?

I also took hpt today and got a very faint line, does this mean i will not be ovulating as there is still HCG in my system? Will OPK's work just now?

My husband and I are keen to ttc again and started on Tuesday(when bleeding stopped), the doc had said this would be fine as the scan showed there was no medical reason for the miscarriage and i appeared healthy.

Are we doing the right thing...should we wait?

Thanks for any advice!



  • Hi Louise

    Im sorry about your loss.

    It's up to you & your hubby as to when you both feel ready to ttc, they can say wait for 1 AF for dating reasons but it's up to you.

    It's different for everyone some peoples AF return to normal whilst some take a while to arrive.

    Also when you will ovulate is a hard one too as it could be anytime.

    Sorry not much help here, I think the 1st month you just have to play it by ear & bd as & when & then if in a months time or so you havent had AF then do a test to see.

    My 1st & 3rd mmc my AF took nearly 3 months to arrive wereas some return to a normal cycle after the bleed stops.

    Good Luck hun xx
  • Hi Louise,

    I'm really sorry that you've had to join us on here (meant in the nicest way :\) )

    As for TTC, I agree with laujai in that it really is up to you whne you decide to TTC. I've counted the day of my mc as the day I started to bleed even though I found out the day before that it was going to happen, I was 6 weeks pg at the time and my first AF arrived exactly 6 weeks later. I'm now just on that cycle so I'm not sure how it might still be affecting them, if at all.

    I think that because you still have some HCG in your body then you won't ov just yet, maybe wait to use OPKs after maybe another week :\?

    Sorry I coould't be of anymore help. Also, please remeber that we are all here if you want to talk, rant, ask questions or generally just let off steam - we've all been there and I for one have found the ladies on here to be a massive support to me.

    Sending you lots of hugs

  • Hi hun, I can't really add anymore to what the ladies have already said, just wanted to send you (((hugs)))) and tell you I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.
    We decided to ttc straight away after my mc at 6weeks, using my OPK I know I ov'd 15 days after the bleeding but we haven't been lucky this month so I'm waiting for AF at the minute. It really is down to personal choice and how emotionally ready you are.

    We're all here if you ever need a chat, hug or rant xx

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