Help! keep my mind off things

Hi girlies!!

I am 9DPO today and desperately trying to keep my mind of testing. I was wondering if i could pick your brains! A friend is having a fancy dress party for her 30th b'day on the 9th Jan and the theme (at the mo) is superhero's! I really want to think of something original, although cos i am 5, 9" and a size 16 i don't want to look like a prize t*t in something too skin tight. I am hoping that she is going to expand things to villans aswell, but i am really stuck. Any suggestions??


Jodie xx


  • Go as one of the incredibles! image It'd be a little different from the superwomen/wonderwomen that always turn up image
    Or if you go for villians, poison ivy is a cool one?
    Let us know what you decide, I love dressing up!
  • hello jodie,

    I love fancy dress parties!!!!!!

    let me get my thinking cap on.....

    I love the Incredibles idea - I love that film!!

    will have a think and repost

    x x x
  • Ha Ha I was gona say Incredibles!!

    Were talking bout having a fancy dress party for my 30th nxt year & it will be sisters 18th! We googled fancy dress outfits, why not try that & see what comes up just add in superhero. xxx
  • Ive just cheated and went onto google - my two fav's are Storm from the Xmen or She-Ra!!!!!

    One of my friends had a 30th fancy dress last year and it was fantastic!!!!! I loved it. have a great time
  • Funnily enough i was thinking of both storm and she-ra!! Used to love she-ra as a kid!! I have seen an incredibles outfit online and they are well cool!!

    If she did open it up to villans then i would like to go as Gogo from kill bill (she's the japanese body guard of lucy liu's!) then i did think about the bride (uma thurman) from kill bill, all i would need is a yellow jumpsuit, or would people think i am aneka rice?

    Any more ideas are greatly welcomed!!!

    Jodie xx
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