advice please

About 7 days ago i finished my strip of my contraceptive pill... I usually come on my period 2-3 days after i finish last pill i didnt...i didnt even get any cramps or usual period symptoms.2 days ago i had been feeling groggy all day and just under the weather and that night i stood up and felt something drop down i went to the toilet and there was a lot of see throughy discharge and in my pants there was a little see through sack type thing with blood vessels in it and dots in it, an was about size of a plum (no fluid in it, was flat) and also a greyish colour hard mass with a bit coming off it which looked like blood vessel... it was the size of a big kidney bean... so have i had a miscarriage? before the last strip of my pill i did go without for over 3 weeks so there was a chance i could have been pregnant i suppose.

im stopped bleeding earlier completely but have started again and feel sick and something really strange but my sense of smell has gone really really good and over powering...dont know what that has to do with it or if anything... but just not sure what to do...i want to avoid doctors if possible as i have no transport.



  • Hi Chick,
    If im honest it does kind of sound like a miscarriage as what you described is similar to my mc...
    i guess you could do a preg test as even after a mc it can still show as a possitive result because of all the hormones, so maybe you could try that?
    Sorry about your experience, hope you are feeling better soon! xxx
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