Positive thinking for 2010

Evening ladies

I had a MMC back in May after a year TTC and would have been due on 2nd Jan 2010. It has been such a horrid time and I was absolutely dreading Christmas but I am pleased to report that I survived and the 'due date' itself passed without me even crying.

I can't really believe it as trust me I want a baby more than anything and have been TTC v. hard since May (with lots of tears)!! Now I feel a bit like a black cloud has been lifted and I can move on and start trying TTC with more PMA in 2010. I just wanted to share this as if you had told me I would have to go through the 'due date' without my BFP let alone without crying I would never have believed you.

I hope that you ladies get your BFPs sooner than your due dates would have been but for anyone who is approaching theirs I hope it is not as awful as you can build it up to be. I just wanted to share this as all positive thoughts are good!!

Take care and here's to lots of BFPs in 2010.
D x


  • Hi Debbie, well done you on the wonderful attitude! I think alot of us put pressure on ourselves to at least get a bfp before what would've been our due date in order to feel like at least we "have something" But the added pressure could well be what stops us getting the much wanted BFP.
    So glad to hear you are feeling better hun, really hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hi Debbie

    Your right we do put pressure on ourselves to get BFP before our due dates but altimately as hard as they are we do survive & im glad you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

    We passed our due date in July last year & have another 2 coming up in Feb & March but I feel ok about them this time round.

    Good Luck hun & all that PMA you deserve a sticky BFP I hope your not waiting to much longer for it xxx
  • glad you're feeling good about this year. After the year I had I def feel like 2010 has gotta be better for all of us. Good luck with your new positive thinking ttc!
  • Yes my first due date would be 20th Jan, then I have another in July same date as my mum's anniversary of her passing away. I had a bad day on friday as I would of been 12 weeks but we have now decided to try again straight away and although I feel like my af is on its way I don't feel too bad and am looking forward to this year and what it may bring.
    Gemgem congrats your posts today have been brill and good luck xx
  • thanx lilypod. luckily for me by my edd I should be 4months with this pg, so hopefully will be far enough to feel quite confident getting past that day.
  • that does help a wee bit cus my due date is fast approaching on 10 feb and i'm dreading it image am now in the 2ww of this cycle and it's likely to be my last opportunbity before then. by then i'll prob be in my 2ww of the next cycle but it' still horrid to think about. xx
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