Quiet and hopeful....

Hey guys,
well its my birthday tomorrow and no sign of the whitch =D I was going to test on monday as i didnt wanna ruin my bday if t wasnt the result i wanted but i so couldnt hold out so me and sam tested last night and i got a BFP =D So that puts me (by my calculations and dont quote me lol) with a due date on Jan 21st which makes me 2weeks and one day so very very very early so im not going to celebrate just yet and im going to be sticking round on here going to docs next week to check and that but the line is defo there and first response are usually reliable image
Its the best birthday present ever =D Sams happy but a lil concerned after last time naturally!
Roll on the rest of you BFP's i dont wanna be alone in DIJ haha! xxxxx




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