How to track cycles now??

Hi everybody, I have been hanging around since I miscarried last month and have only really started posting again. I've read a lot though and can I just say that without what you ladies have written and the advice you have given to people I would have found it a whole lot lonelier trying to come to terms with losing my baby. I found at my dating scan that my baby had no heartbeat and waited 2 weeks for a natural mc but couldn't cope with it so had erpc on 27th April. I bled for just over 3 weeks and have not bled for 10 days now. My husband and I want to try again but now I have absolutely no idea what to count as the first day of my cycle. I've read stuff on the internet and just ended up confusing myself so thought i'd turn to you all for advice. I don't want to ask my doctor as i'm in the RAF and haven't really had any support from them. I think to them they'd prefer I wasn't pregnant as then i'm undeployable. Do I count my erpc date as day 1 or when I stopped bleeding?

Thanks for reading and sorry we're all in the same horrible boat xx


  • Hope this helps, I opted for the operation straight away after finding out about my MMC. I was told to count the first day of bleeding after your operation as CD1, however I think if you read through peoples experiences on here everyones cycles were really different, the only real thing that seems to be consistent is that you should expect your first AF 4-6 weeks after your operation, if I was you I would just do your BD when ever you get chance from now until you get your first af (if you get one and not a BFP) and then you will now your cycle after that, just be prepared that your cycles may change though, I was 31 days before MC and now am about 26 days, so it can play with your cycle, but general rule is that first day of bleeding after your op is CD1.

    So sorry for your loss, and that you have to join us over here, but hope this helps x
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