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Im back, its been nearly a year!!!!

Hey girlies!!! I dont know if an1 will remember me. I was on BE last year but unfortunately had an ectopic and my not so lovely OH decided everything was 2 much 4 him and left!! I have now met some1 very special and we have decided 2 TTC!!

I look 4ward 2 getting 2 know all of u xxxx


  • Hi Wigzy,

    Your name seems familiar but I only came on BE earlier this year a few months after we mmc our 1st.

    Welcome back & good luck.

    p.s. I noticed you posted on NN thread everything worked out well & she is in due in Jan now!! I just bumped the thread for MP to have a read through. xxxx
  • Hi laujai, thanks 4 ur reply!!

    Sorry 2 hear about ur MMC, how long ago was that?? Im so nervous about TTC again but excited 2!! Thats great news about NN, I remember her from when I was on last year, she deserves this so much!! xx
  • Hi wigzy, what a tough time you must have had but here's to a new man and a new start! Hoping you get your BFP really soon x x
  • Thanks MP, definatley a new start!!! Hope everything works out 4 u xx
  • Hi Wigzy,

    Yes she does deserve it so much. I mmc at the end of aug, was our 3rd pg in 12months!! Were now seeing a gynae in a recurrant mc clinic to see whats going on or wether it has been a bout of badluck!!.

    Well it's lovely to have you back & hopefully you'll be moving on soon with your bfp. xxxx
  • So sorry 2 hear of ur MC's, its so difficult and upsetting. What do they do at the clinic, is it certain tests??

    Fingers crossed it doesnt take 2 long 4 all of us and we get super, sticky beans that snuggled into the rite place!!! xxxx
  • Hi Wigzy

    Thanks hun, we've had bloods for kartotype which is to check that one of us dont have abnormal chromosomes!!! Then when af decides to arrive I will have more bloods to check hormone levels, thyroid, hughes syndrome, lupus etc then an ultrasound & possibly a hsg & lap!! We go back on 1st dec for blood results & take it from there.

    Once we've had these results i'll feel more confident about ttc!!

  • Hey hun, thats good there doing the tests and ur rite it will put ur mind at ease and let u relax. I had tests b4 for PCOS, evrything came back normal but I just had 2 know either way.

    R u still trying while ur getting the tests?? xx
  • Just wanted to wish you all the best of luck for TTC Luc xxx
  • Hi Wigzy! I heard from one of Socks' posts that you were coming back. Nice to see you again and what great news you bring to have found someone else that is so special to you AND you are both wanting to ttc! So pleased for you honey and I wish you all the best. I'll keep a check in to see how you are going. It was a tough time last year and I hope that is all in the past now for you and you will be posting a lovely BFP any day soon.

  • Hi hun

    Yes your right will feel more relaxed once the tests have been done. I had told my oh that I thought it best we wait until we have had the results but he wasnt that keen on waiting!!! Plus he's not keen on using protection!! So I dont know what will happen really!! Im very scared of conceiving again although we want it so badly! I've been having a drama with hpt's im getting faint +ve's for the last 2 days I think this is still from the last pg although I dont feel great physically! So well just wait & see what happens there. xxx
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