how to use cheapy opk?

I'm still waiting for my first af after natural m/c in jan, and so we don't miss an opportunity I'm going to use cheapy opk. I have never had regular cycles so can't predict when ov might happen and I don't want to fire up the CBFM incase ov doesn't happen for a while and I waste a box of sticks, so cheapies it is.

I was reading through the instructions and I was wondering how closely people follow them. it says to test later in the day, and to restrict fluid a couple of hours before, and to also leave urine sample to reach room temp? is all that really necessary? don't get me wrong I'll walk on broken glass if I thought it would help with ttc, but i'm not sure how thrilled hubby would be with a pot of my wee sat in the bathroom for 20 mins each day!!

lb xx


  • Hi
    I have used these for what feel like for ever! I use them about 4-5pm when I get home from work. I find Tesco opks (7 for ??5) are the best whilst ebay/amazon cheepies are not always accurate. I was not going to fire my CBFM up until after my first AF but decided just to reset it and use it now - I will reset it again when/if AF turns up!
  • ah now, you've just made me want to turn on the CBFM !! :lol:

  • Thought at least it would give me some sort of indication if I was ovulating! On day 26 today but CBFM day 7!!! Prob a waste of sticks but couldnt wait!
  • Hey Little B!

    I just used the cheapy tonight and got a strong positive after 2 days of faint positives. I ignore the rules and just go for it. They have been accurate for me in the past when always showing negatives, as I wasn't ovulating before the clomid!!!

    All the very best of luck and I am sorry to hear of you sad news in Jan.

    Emma xxx
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