AF In Full Flow Now!!!

Hey Ladies
Af arrived yesterday... first one since misscaraiage and ERPC was on the 25th feb... very painful and heavy but glad im ack on track! image
claire xx


  • Glad to hear things are getting back in routine for you hun, hope it eases up for you soon xx
  • Hi Claire,

    Mine was exactly the same after my mc, felt very heavy for a couple of days and I felt a bit rubbish generally.

    Glad you are back on track hun xx
  • sori for my bad spelling! yeah i am feelin rubbish! hopfuly my period will go back to 28 day cycle! xx
  • (((hugs))))

    Mine has appeared to have gone back to a regular 28 day cycle which I am quite relieved and pleased about, would hate not knowing when AF was due! Have only had 2 periods since mc so early days but fingers crossed they will stay regular of preferably disappear altogether for 9 months image

  • yes that would be nice!! imageimage my aim is to be pregnant by end of july!! now that i have AF im going to start using my ov sticks! image good luck wid the baby making image xxx
  • Thanks hun, you too!!

  • I was just wondering how your AF has been? I thought I was having my first AF since MC. It started last Thursday 7 weeks after MC, it was heavy Thursday, Friday and Saturday, got really heavy Sunday, then light monday tuesday and wednesday, thought it was slowing down ready to stop, but today after two days of next to nothing, I had a really heavy bleed and passed two clots, it like when I stop bleeding it just stores up and then comes out as clots, which is quite painful. But t has been 8 days now, really thought it was AF, but not sure now, I know others have said their first AF was quite long. I am at the end of everything now, just cant cope any more..... I need some answers!!!!! So anyway, not sure if this is AF afterall........
  • im pretty sure it would be your AF hun if its 7 weeks since your mc..i was at work yesterday when it started! i was in a bad way. sorry for tmi!!..... i went through 3 tampons in half hour so i had 2 go out and buy some more and i also bought some pads so i was using both! i was stil changing every hour! i never get period pains but i was so bad yesterday and iv neva seen a period like it! 2day its stil heavy but not as bad! it was a dark red blood and also had some clots!!!.. like i said i reckon it is your AF but im sure your doctor said that it would be very heavy and mayy have clots.. i no my doctor said this to me... your bodys just emptying itself and obviously because you havt had a period for a while theres more to pass through so its coming at random stages! give it another couple days and then maybe see doctor if your worried! i know mine usually last about 4 days! but i was told 2 expect it to go on for maybe over a week or sometimes two!.... image
    hope it sorts itself out soon for you!
  • Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. I think I was just really down yesterday as I had nothing on Thursday which would have been a week so got my hopes up that it was over and then had a heavy bleed with clots on Friday. Bit more positive today, back to nothing again, but going to wait till Moday to see how I am. Don't have many pains now so think I am defo getting to the end of this nightmare. Just so frustrating cause all I want to do is get back TTC, not been able to do anything since my MC almost 8 weeks ago as I have been bleeding on and off the whole time!!!!

    Hope you AF gets better and you can get back to TTC again. Lots of luck and sticky baby dust x
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