I'm confused an in need of advice...

In a nutshell... at the beginning of June I thought I was 9 and a half weeks pregnant. I went for an early scan to find that I was having identical twins, but that both hearts had stopped beating around the 7 week mark. I went into hospital for medical management and miscarried on 10th June. It took just over 5 weeks to get a negative result on a pregnancy test because my hormones were so high (with it being twins). Pretty soon after my negative test, I got my first period which was confirmed by the midwife.

We started ttc again this Saturday after my period had ended, but today when I wiped (sorry TMI), there was fresh red blood, just a bit, which has now turned into a reddy-brown colour. I don't k ow what this is. Could it be something to do with a water infection as I have been running to and from the toilet all day? Has anyone else had this? Is this to be expected after a miscarriage?

Thank you in advance for any advice. Should I be worried?


  • Hi Hun. Your cervix may still be tender from mc and the sex might have upset it. I would see if it continues and go see your doctor just to get checked over. Hope your okay. X
  • Hiya...didn't want to read a run...I had an ERPC at 12 weeks at the beginning of June(although baby had stopped growing at 9 weeks) I bled for about 1 week 1/2 after the procedure and got negative test 2 weeks after the procedure so not as long as you. For me Af came 31 days after the procedure. I know that you can't class a bleed as your AF if you have not had 20 days of not bleeding before that but as you said Af was confirmed by midwife. Your Af's following a miscarraige can get very messed up......but could it be an implantation bleed if you have started to ttc last week ...possibly you were ovulating at that time, (i ovulated on Friday and also had treatment the around the same time as you - this might explain the frequent loo trips. Do you have any pain/ burning when having a wee that could suggest it was a bladder infection? Also possibly it could be that when you were BD'ing your OH has dislodged some old blood from your uterus?
    Sorry not much help really, perhaps see if it gets any heavier or if you have pain passing urine and then seek advice from your GP.
    Take care
    Sue x
  • I've never had a bladder infection before, but no, I haven't had any burning sensations. Just felt dizzy and on another planet today.

    As much as I would love it to be an implantation bleed, we only started again on Saturday and I don't think an implanation bleed would start after two days (wishful thinking though!).

    I'm leaning towards the dislodged some old blood idea, but I can't understand why it turned from red to red-brown so quickly.

    Thank you so much for your replies xx
  • Hi, firstly sorry for your loss....
    I had an ERPC at 12+3 weeks and afterwards I had a period type bleed for a few days and then stopped and started for about another two weeks. I found that when I thought I had stopped I started again, firstly like yourself with red blood then what appeared brown. I put it down to the procedure and "old blood " coming loose. Your body has been through a lot and needs time to heal. i didn't get a BFN after my procedure for 3 weeks and am only know on my second cycle (which are all over the place.)
    My advise is let your body dictate to you. As long as you feel okay physically and mentally.......
    Hope this helps
  • Thank you so much for your advice. I'll just wait and see what happens and try not to get too stressed xx
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