Need some advice please

Hi, I need some advice...

I naturally m/c mid July; bleeding started 14th July and I passed my baby on 16th July. The bleeding lasted for just over a week after that stopping on 24th July. My husband and I decided we would start BDing straight away - the first time was 29th July.

This evening when I went to the toilet there was blood on my knickers and I have had bleeding ever since - it is very light (just wearing a panty liner). I know that this cannot be AF but is it normal to be bleeding again? I have cramps so it feels like AF.

I just want to know if this is normal or if I should seek advice from my Dr is the morning. Hope someone can help xx


  • Hi there Mrs G. I cant tell you why this is happening. I can only tell you that it sounds exactly like my experience. I MC on 5th July after 2 weeks heavy bleeding. Stopped bleeding by about 8th July. Started bleeding lightly again Friday 23rd july. I had cramp and sore boobs. I too felt it was too early for AF but had 2 weeks bleed free after MC so dont think it was part of MC. The bleeding only lasted about 4 days and stayed light. We also started TTC right away. I am inclined to think it was AF even though it was early, but that is just my feeling. I cant give you an answer, but after reading your post, I feel that im not alone. Im sure we are normal, it may just take a bit of time for our bodies to get back to normal. Take care and good luck TTC. Tracy xx
  • Thanks Tracy - it has really helped to hear that I am not alone. Good luck to you too image

    It is so confusing - there is no way of knowing how our bodies will react.

    The bleeding seems to have stopped now - bled a little this morning and then nothing since about 11am, so it didn't even last a day. Will now need to wait and see if I ov - I am tracking my temps so hopefully I will know soon xx
  • I had a similar experience after ERPC. I was told that it was old blood coming away so didn't worry about it. It's just your body's way of healing itself...
    I know its hard but try not to worry
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