very confused !

told by one doctor you dont have to wait for 1st period to ttc after misscarriage just when you are told by another doctor wait till after 1st period.....same goes for dr said straight away and other after 1st period...very confused?:\?


  • Hi matey

    I was in the same situation, we were told by GP to wait 3 periods and by hospital to wait for just 1 period, but i do know of girls on here who have conceived without waiting for a period. We decided to wait for 1 month, only to try and get my head around things and that my 1st cycle after mc was 35 days long, which is a good 5-6 days longer than normal.

    I think that only you can decided what is best for you, goodluck in whatever you decide luvvie.

    Jodie xx
  • I was told by doc at hosp that as long as hCG levels have dropped back to normal i was safe to ttc again. they only tell you to wait one for dating purposes apparently.
  • thank you both jodie & gemgem just wasnt sure ...just scared really as what do ....i guess i got to what feels right like you said.. just confusing different docs saying diffrent things....hope you guys are ok and sorry for your losses xxxx
  • i replied on the other thread! image xxx
  • hello kay, i had a partial molar preg. so? dont know in a normal mc.... but even after my molar my doctors have said that after my hcg was back to normal i could go ahead and far as a friend of mine, she had a normal mc and her doc. told her that she just wanted her to have her first period they she could ttc. good luck hun it will get eaiser!
  • thank you gussie just got really confused so sorry for your loss hope your ok
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