Jodie, where are you?

Hey Jodie
I've been thinking about you, what is the latest update? How are you feeling?



  • Hi Kathy

    Well, it's been over a week and no more spotting/bleeding, boobs very sore and very tired (was at work tues,weds, thurs this week and was too shattered to log on last night!) Hungry all the time the occasional bout of very light nausea. I did a HPT last yesterday and the test line was darker than the control so i'm assuming that was a good thing. I have been very quiet at work and everyone keeps asking me if i am ok and i tell them that i am, but i don't think anyone believes me.

    I am going back to see my GP today who wanted to see me again whatever the outcome of last week was, he is so good. Got my next scan next saturday, i hope this week goeas really quick and i am praying that things are going to be ok.

    Thanks for asking after me, hope i havent made anyone worry by not being on for a few days.

    Jodie xx
  • sorry to gc,

    Jodie - Ive been thinking of you too,

    im glad youve had no more spotting and also the hpt was a good dark line. all good signs x

    nope next week goes quick for you,

    x x x

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  • G/C glad to hear everything is has been alright, had wondered if you were ok but figured you were maybe having a little break. Fantastic news about the test & the symptoms!! xxx
  • Ditto from me! had a very few hectic days! but that does sound positive hun! xxx
  • im glad you are doing ok! was getting worried! good luck on your scan, im sure the dark line is a very good sign!
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