What game is Mother Nature playing now?


Just wondering if anyone has experienced this and may know what could be going on, had natural m/c Nov 18th 2009, I was 11w 6d, first AF came 23rd Dec, 2nd AF arrived 18th Jan which is my normal pattern...25-28 days, 16 days later I started to bleed again, it was quite moderate and red, lasting for 6 days but far too early for AF and in my opinion, too early and too heavy to be implantation bleeding. I have had 4 m/c and my cycles have always returned and followed their normal pattern...until now!

Take care and good luck to everyone ttc, wishing you all sticky beans and pos HPT's very soon xx


  • I am in similar situation... always been very regular but since mc all over the shop image I bled 23 days after mc then 9 days after that then 18 days after that. I'm going out of my mind!!! Can there be any blood left in there FFS???
  • Hi there

    After my mmc I was glad that my cycle returned to normal, but then my third af was a whole week early, would have been about day 16 of my cycle. Then it went right back to normal the next cycle.

    I have no explanations for it!
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