Really confused...

Well me and hubby would like a baby but after 2mmc in a row it kind of made us wary about trying again so we put it off for a little while. I'm not on the pill, didn't see the point going back on it to just come off again. So since my last AF at end of nov we didn't really plan on trying, but this month I started to feel a little off, a bit of heart burn, feeling more hungry and needing to wee more but just thought maybe just because I'm due on on Xmas day! But I have skipped my period this month, am nearly 5 days late so took a test last night and it was BFN so decided to test again this morn but still BFN so took a trip to the docs and she has sent off a wee sample so should find out tomoro or Thursday. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and they were pregnant? Thank you emma xxx


  • I'm sure have heard of ladies having to wait a little past AF due do get their bfp's. Laujai did with one of hers I think?
    fraid don't know where I was with mine before MC, as my cycles aren't reg lengths and stopped ov sticks that month as I was ill. good luck!!
  • can't really give you any advice hun just wanted to say good luck xx
  • I have seen some shy bfp's, you may have ov'd late and therefore wouldn't be showing enough hcg yet. Lets hope it is good news for you xx
  • Hi hun

    Yes as Gem says with my 1st pg I missed my AF in the Nov so done a hpt & it was a -ve the only symptom I had to start with was sore boobs which I never used to get. As my tests were coming back -ve I just assumed my body was a little out of sync. We went on holiday & while away I was sleeping all the time & eating ridiculous amounts as was hungry & craving meat!! The day we got home I done another hpt as my nxt AF was due & I got a strong +ve before the control line appeared, GP dated me at 8 wks by lmp!!

    Hope you get some good news from the GP tomorrow hun. I have also found that after mmc my AF can sometimes be a litttle all over the place.

    Keep us updated & will keep fingers crossed for you xxx
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