Advise desperately needed


Iam currently on day 3 of my first cycle since having an ERPC which was over 5 weeks ago now.
For the first time I have decided to chart my cycles as I really want to get preggers again. According to the predictions I have fertile days on the 14th, 15th and 16th of tjis month with a predicted OV day on 17th. The problem that I have got is that my hubby is on nights that week and so the first chance that we will get to bd will be on the 17th!

I need to know if this will work or do we have to have sex on the fertile days as opposed to the OV day???

I'm really confused as haven't done this before :\?:\?:\?

Any advise please


  • Hi there
    Not sure about the dates hun, but can you not BD when he gets in from work? It may be fun to have a bit of morning glory and tell him he may sleep better too!
  • Hi Shelley, I fell pregnant a few weeks after 1 af after my erpc. I work shifts away from home and we only managed to bd once when it counted and that was the day I ovulated (well the day I got my smiley on ov test). So we managed it! You definately have more chance if you do it more but it took just the one time for us so try not to worry about it. And like wanna be a mum said, it's always fun to have a bit of morning glory!x
  • I know..... the thing is he gets home at 4am and I leave for work at 8am. We are literally ships passing in the night all week image
  • hi hun, so long as your egg is out of the ovary and in the fallopian tube you can get pregnant on the actual ovulation day.
    im sure you'll be fine.

  • Thanks ladies...

    Fingers crossed for me then
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