Any advice please.

Hi there, firstly congratulations to you all, hope you are all well. Im GC from TTC after MC. Im looking for any advice you may have on vitamins etc to aide conception. I was on the pill for 10 years and stopped it in April. Fell pg in May but sadly MC in July. I already have two older sons, and I am 40 years old. Im very aware that I am running out of time and am looking into natural help. Just want to give myself the best chance of conceiving again. Do any of you ladies have any advice. Thankyou all, and take care . Tracy xx


  • Hi,

    Sorry, was only taking the standard Boots Mum-to-be vitamins, so don't think I can help you...

    My gran had my youngest uncle at 44, so there's still plenty of time - oh and I know of someone who recently got pregnant naturally in her early fifties! Don't think it was planned, but it shows it can happen!

    Good luck,
  • some people say you should take evning primrose oil for part of cycle. You'd have to check this as I can't remember for sure, but I think you take it from AF to ov, then stop for rest of cycle? other than that I just took sanatogen mother to be vits.

    when we were trying again after MC hubs took vits too. we just looked on box of the father to be vits, then bought tesco version of same doses of zinc and vit C as they say they're the most important. he still takes them now, as I noticed he got far less man-flu after he started taking them for ttc.

    Good luck!! my grandma was in her 40's when she had my dad.

  • Oh yes, I did put the husband on the zinc tablets! Not certain if it helped or not...
  • I was taking the santogen mum to be tablets right from my time of miscarriage right up until getting my BFP.. not sure if I can let them take credit but they helped I think..

    Make a pregnancy ticker
  • ive had 2 previous mc's and used various different products but this time round ive been using pregnacare and have taken it religiously the whole time - yes its kinda pricey but i found a website that did them cheap and u get discount on each next order u make!! i found concieving quiet hard after my last mc and was actually booked in for an operation to have my womb explored as i was getting other problems. i started taking pregnacare about 2 months before my operation as i read its always best to start taking folic acid at leats 3months before trying - i found out i was 8 weeks pregnant 5 days before my op!! not sure if it was just pure luck but i stuck to taking pregnacare plus ever since!!

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