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TTC No.2

Hi, I'm Emma, Mum to a beautiful boy, who is 21months old. We've been trying to conceive for about 6 months, doing the whole legs in air thing but nothing is happening. No. 1 happened really quickly but this time it's not happening like that. Starting to get really worked up about it every month, which i know is not helping, even cried this month when I started my period. And how many pregnant women can you find in one park when your trying yourself??!!!
Any helpful words would be great.


  • Hi Laura
    It's helping alot knowing that it's not just us. It's helping me to relax about the whole thing, which I'm convinced is part of the problem. I've had a go at the ov kits for a couple of months I think they've given me some clues but decided to give up on them and focus on something else, the healthy lifestyle is a good idea, could do with a bit of that. Where on the internet did you get the kits? Bought mine from town but were quite expensive. Let me know how you get on with them. Good luck
    luv Emma
  • Hi emma and Laura
    Im Tasha and I have 2 1/2 year old Ethan and 5month old Amber. Your messages here really brought gack memories for me as it took 2years to get Ethan including a miscarriage. I think it's great that you're both trying to concentrate on other things that certainly helped for me (actually a holiday seems to be the best trick)!! I tried the ov kits but gave up on them after a couple of months as I found they seemed to put added pressure on us and made me think about it all more. Please try not to get disheartened as it really can happen when you don't expect it too (in the end my daughter was a fantastic surprise)!! Good Luck to you both x
  • No!! Ambers only 5 months so not entered my head yet! Don't think we'll have any more now I'd love to but hubby's happy with the two and has banned me from getting broody!!! Your messages just really struck a chord with me I know how infuriating and worrying it is. I'm sure I became obsessed and it certainly put tension between my husband and I. I also understand about seeing pregnant women everywhere when trying I hated going to tescos too many bumps and babies! Take care and keep me posted!! x
  • Hi
    I.m loving reading my replies! I think maybe this chatting could become my new obsession rather than ttc!! Ha Ha maybe a touch OCD there Emma! I'm a bit the same as you Dawn, my cycle is all over the shop, I can do anything from 22 days to 37 days, I've been keeping tabs on it for the last year or so, really irregular, which doesn't help when doing the ov kits thing. My ds was concieved a couple of months after coming off the pill, which I'd been on for about 7 yrs so I think that maybe started everything off with a bang the first time round. How good would it be to come on here and all chat about our new bumps, I hope that happens for one of us then the others know it's possible!!! Laura thanx for the website I'll have a look. Speak soon
    Emma x
    PS Tasha how do you get those funky pictures under your messages??
  • Hi
    Oh you sound really convinced it won't happen. Have you seen your GP about it. Don't give up on the idea until you know everything! 2 yrs makes my few months sound quite pitiful. I'm sure you must be very frustrated. Hopefully we'll both make it.
    Keep smiling
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