maternity pay help!

hi everyone. we have recently moved from trying for a baby to planning a baby as I cant bear having to go back to my current employer post maternity. I have an interview coming up and I really want the job. the job includes a lot of training which I will be wanting to complete prior to ttc if poss. but just incase can anyone tell me how the qualifting period for maternity pay works\/ i looked on the government website - 26 weeks continiously up to 15th week before baby due - what does that mean? x


  • sadley it depends what the comapny policy is, you will be entitile to SMP which is about ??120 a week for 39 weeks (9 months) of you have worked 26 weeks before you are 25 weeks but any extra the company offeres is dependant on length of service, with my policy to get the maximum benifit i had to work for them for 1 year before my EDD, i got 8 weeks full pay, 18 weeks half pay + SMP then 13 weeks SMP,

    hope that helps x
  • you can still get maternity allowance of the govermant if you are self employed like me, unemployed or have not worked for the company for 26 weeks before you are 25 weeks as the later happened to me with my first. the maternity allowance is payed for 39 weeks at ??125 a week as this is what i will have to do when i fall again as im self employed now!!!!!!
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