Thinking about 2nd baby but irregular periods


My little boy is 4 months old and me and OH would like to start trying for another baby quite soon as we want a small age gap so were planning to leave it another couple of months then start trying again as it took us a year to get pregnant with our first baby.

I got my first period after having my baby when he was 10 weeks old but havent had a second period yet, I was expecting it last week sometime but Im still waiting. ( Im not pregnant as have done a test as had been feeling sickly and tired over the weekend bit it was negative so think I just had a bug)

I dont really know what my usual cycle length is because I was on the pill for 9 years which made me have a 28 day cycle but since stopping the pill in may 2008 Ive only had 2 periods , 1 was jan last year (2 months before I got pregnant ) and the one I had 5 weeks ago so I dont know what is regular for me!

I know that it can take a while for your periods to come after having a baby but I thought I would have had my 2nd by now. I was just wondering how long it took anyone else's period to get back to being regular after having a baby? And how long you would leave it before going to see a dcotor about it?

For the past 3 weeks I have been feeling like my period is coming as have been having crampy period pains and sometimes sharp stabbimg pains but nothing. I just hope they get back to being regular for when we start trying again as when we were trying for our first baby it was horrible not knowing what was happening as I was having no periods!

Sorry if my message is abit long, Im not very good at putting down what I mean! Thanks xx


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