If I didn't know any better I'd think I was pregnant!!

Hey Ladies,
I think my over-broodiness has sent me mad, because it seems like i'm getting all the classic symptoms of pregnany! I have nausea coming and going, heartburn, extreme tiredness, emotional lol....the only symptom that I don't have that I definetely had last time is the sooore boobs!! They were killing me for a few days before AF!!
Now I know i'm not pregnant, because we've only 'done the deed' once this month and it was before I ov'd, and we were protected!! Its just really weird that i'm feeling the same as I did last time I was pregnant!!
In a way though it's helped me with my broodiness because its made me realise that my OH is right being sensible, because before I worked out my dates etc, I thought there might be a chance, and my mind went into overdrive and I panicked lol.

Anywhos a pointless post
Dani x


  • weird isnt it, i was chucking up the other morning with a migrane and hubby asked if i could be pregnant, you need to have sex for that to happen :lol:

  • I guess your mind can go into overdrive and play tricks on you; cruel really! xx



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