HI everyone, o am normally in "toddler" as i have 20mth old (and a 5yr old)..but we have recently been thinking of ttc again..

however,m there are some tings that g against me (sort of)

I got bad PND with second and i am still on citalopram 20mg which i have been on for over a year, tried to come off but got worse agin so am staying on a bit longer...i haev heard conflicting advice about being on this during pregnancy..so wondered if anyone has experience of this...

also, this os obviously not a great time with the recession and stuff, we rent a flat only 2 bedrooms, again is this another reason NOt to try??

any advice would be appreciated thanks xx


  • first i wud seek advice from ur doctor about the drugs ur taking and ttc maybe he could help u out there, renting a 2bed flat at the moment is not a reason not to try but u will need a bigger place in the future, good luck huni and if u do try hope u get ur bfp soon xx
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