introducing myself!

sorry ladies i have forgotten my manners!

just a little bit about myself if anyone is interested!

im called Rachel, im 29, married and we have a beautiful little daughter called Evie Louise who is coming up to 17 months!

we are going to TTC our second in the next few months hopefully!
came off the pill on sunday so i am waiting for my withdrawal bleed before we can really think about TTC for sure.

it took me 3 months to get pregnant last time but i had a m/c at 7 weeks and then 6 weeks later i was pregnant with Evie-our little miracle!

anyway thats enough from me, feel free to add your own bits on here would love to know what stage everyone else is at!



  • Hey Rachel! I'm Helen, 28, mummy to Roisin almost 10 months. Been back at work for a month but already can't wait to TTC again! Hopefully going to try around August time. Last time Roisin came along on the first attempt but I know it's not always that easy!

    Good luck, looking forward to getting to know you better x
  • hi im kelly im 26 i have a little girl ellie jane who is four and has downs syndrome my little star!! i got pregnant with ellie when on the pill last time so im new to all this ttc business but really really exited and seen as i cant talk about it with anyone else as we dont want to tell anyone im glad we can all do this together! its soo exiting!
  • Hello. I'm also Rachel! I'm 27, been married almost a year and going to start ttc for our first in December. Good luck to everyone! xx
  • hello there

    i am becca, 26, mum to jacob, 5 months, we are planning TTC no2 at the end of the year image

    cant wait!
  • Hi,

    I'm Alex, I'm 23 and mammy to Evie who is 19months. I've been married to my hubby for 3years in august, been together 6. We are planning on ttc in oct-nov-dec time, I can't wait as my little girl loves babies lol. Good luck to everyone xxx
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