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Want a baby so so much!!

Hi all,
Sorry but this is going to be a moany self indulgent post - so feel free to ignore - I just need to get it out!!
I am so so so desperate for a baby - I literally can't concentrate on anything else. I have always been super broody, but since I got married 2 months ago it has just got so much worse! I've tried activites to take my mind of it but nothing works!!
My hubby really wants a year of marriage before we start trying - and logically I can see why he wants that. But emotionally - its another story. We have a lovey house, we are lucky enough to have quite a few savings and I get v good maternity pay from ny work so there is no need to wait.
Plus I went to the hospital yesterday and was dignosed with PCOS so I know its prob going to take a while to TTC.
I told him this but he still doesnt want to start before June next year - add on min 6 months before they will give me drugs to kick start ovulation and it seems like forever.
I hate taking my pill sooooo much!!
And breathe.....


  • aw bless ya hun! you really have got the bug bad havent you?! try to remember though that youve only got one chance to enjoy each other in peace. as much as i adore my son, it would be nice to have a lay in sometimes or stay up til 3 in the morning drinking without having to get up at 6.30 the next day!
    also, going shopping or on hol is soooooooooo different with a little one in tow! could you maybe plan some fun things to do that are not in the least bit baby friendly so that you have a little distraction and something to help you enjoy it being just the 2 of you?
    also.... at least your OH wants a baby too, so maybe if you both relax and have fun for a little while (without baby talks) he might become a bit more flexible as to when it happens image
    im sure everything will work out for you. good luck!
  • p.s. congratulations on getting married!!
  • Hi Cornish Girl,

    Sorry to hear you are so frustrated at the moment! After 11 months trying for a baby I can sympathise with how you are feeling. I have PCOS as well, and I have only just started to get cycles off the pill after being prescribed metformin to regulate my insulin levels. My doctor won't refer me to a fertility specialist or even think about fertility drugs until we have been trying for 2 years! We started trying a month after we got married, and now we are coming up to our first anniversary, so we got our 1 year of marriage first!!

    I think I would seriously discuss this again with your hubby, I think men just assume as soon as you start trying it will happen and they dont consider the fact that it might take a while. Especially with the PCOS - you might be lucky and have regular cycles straight off the pill but lots of us have very long cycles or some don't ovulate at all, and as I am finding out it can be a very long process before you even get any help.

    Good luck, and I hope you both come to an agreement that makes you both happy! :\)
  • Aw thanks for your lovely responses ladies!
    helen - we have go two lovely holidays booked in - such as going skiing in feb. But I would rather cancel and have a baby anyday! I do try not to talk about it with hubby as you are right - that just makes him want to wait more!!
    Magpie - that is exactly my worry and I'm sorry you are finding it so hard. I have very few periods in my life and last time I came off the pill I didnt have a period for 10 months until I went back on it again. So in my eyes its not so much 'trying for a baby' but 'coming off the pill to get my body sorted!'
  • Perhaps you could think about coming off the pill and using condoms for a year? As then you could be getting the pill out of your system and if you still don't have periods you will have the info you need for the docs so they can help you quicker, rather than send you away to come back in one or two years!

  • I sympathise too. I have been mega broody for years. I came off the pill 2 years ago to get it out of my system so now, as soon as the urge takes us we can just go for it. We got married in June and did have unprotected sex on our honeymoon and I had a chemical pregnancy. We have decided to wait until December/Jan before we try again as we need to move house and save up a bit. It's so frustrating for me because I thought we'd be having a baby in March and now it won't be until the end of next year at the very earliest. Hubby's thinks I'm in too much of a hurry and it frustrates me that he doesn't want to get cracking as much as me. I just have to be patient for a bit longer and hope that nothing crops up to delay us trying any longer.

    I agree with Magpie that it might be a good idea to come off the pill and give your periods a chance to regulate. If your periods don't come back you could get treatment earlier, ready for when you want to start trying.


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  • Hi all
    I agree about coming off the pill as it would be a great interim solution - but having discussed it with him many times before annoyingly he refuses to use condoms or 'withdrawing method.' Literally when we first got together we didn't have sex for 3 months until I went back on the pill!
    He just doesn't get why there is any rush! Does anyone else ever feel the world is just full of babies - everywhere I look all I see is babies!! Arghhh!!
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