Newbie saying hello!

Hi everyone

I never thought I would be posting on here! I'm 33, been with my partner for 7 years, we got married in August and all of a sudden I am mega broody. Seriously I feel like a mother hen!

Have started to take folic acid and my hubbie and I have had the chat...but I'm a bit scared. No, very scared. Next step is to book a doc's appointment to have coil removed (sorry if that is TMI)!

Anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed and excited at the same time?
A colleague at work announced she is 14 and a half weeks pregnant this week and I am jealous ;0)

Would love to meet some buddies to share this journey with x

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  • Oooh, hello! I am another complete newbie and it sounds like we are in a pretty similar situation...

    I'm just about to turn 29 and got married in May after seven years. Also hit by serious broodiness in the past few months and am on the folic acid / cutting right back on wine and coffee intake / on a health kick etc :\)

    I've got a contraceptive implant and am going to wait until January to have it taken out as I have so many things going on in December and would rather not be in the position of making excuses about why I'm not drinking much during the season to be merry (specifically my work Christmas night out) in case people get suspicious. I'd rather no-one knew I am hoping to get pregnant, especially at work, as it can be a hotbed of gossip! I am really looking forward to having the Implanon whipped out in Jan though.

    I am not online very often (currently decorating house / busy at work and also have dogs that keep me occupied!) but will try and pop in when I can as this looks like a great forum and no doubt will be a useful mine of advice and information!

    It's really nice to 'meet' you and hello to everyone else... best wishes to all TTC!
  • Hello ladies!!

    Everyone on here is very smart (im new...but i am starting to remember vits and things now!) and very welcoming.

    Nice to *meet* you

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