Hi all


I thought i'd just say hello as my partner and I are planning on trying for our 3rd child.
Iam 24 and my partner is 32 and we have been together for 6 years now. We have a boy who is 2 and a half and a lil girl who is 18 months. I am hoping that we can start ttc again in June/July as I would love to lose some weight before getting pregnant again

looking forward to speaking to all of you


  • Hi Hayley,

    My husband and i are planning on trying for our third child too. We are also thinking of ttc around june time.

    We have found it a big decision to go for a third, but i am so excited about it, i can't wait.

    I have two boys already. The first is 3 years, and the second is 16 months.

    Looking forward to chatting to you.

    Good luck ttc.

  • Hi Hayley & Ale,

    I'm Claire, am 26 and my husband and myself are also planning on trying for our third child later this year. We have two daughters, one who will be 5 in May and one who is 2 next week.

    We're not planning on trying until the end of the year Nov/Dec time as my cousin is getting married in Cyprus in May of next year so i can't be more than 34 weeks pregnant for that - i'd have started in October otherwise!

    Look forward to chatting to you both over the next few months.

    Claire x

  • Hello to you both,
    I have also found it a big dicision to go for no 3. As my daughter was a happy accident we never really got to decide when to start ttc again. This time around I think that I'm leaving it a while as I worry about getting pre-eclampsia again (this is one of my main reasons for losing weight before ttc as its meant to help lower the bp)

    I was at the doctors today with my daughter and I nearly made an appointment to see my gp about having my coil removed but changed my mind at the last minute.

    I look forward to talking to you again

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