New, worried about irregular periods!

Hi there.

I've been a lurker for some time and don't plan on TTC until next year (after I get married!). All I can seem to think about is babies though!

Unfortunately, I have always suffered from very irregular periods. I can go 6-8 months without one. I know doctors always say to try for 12 months before going to see them, but is there really any point when it looks like I don't even ovulate?

Just wondering if anybody else has been in / is in a similar situation and what you are doing?

Na xx

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  • Hi there!

    My periods are slightly irregular - I have also suffered from endometriosis, so I can understand why you are worried.

    If it helps my friend got pregnant after not having had periods for a year after her father died. I think what I'm learning is to not listen too much to other people are they can make you feel unduly concerned.

    I think going to your doc is a good idea.

    I'm about to start trying - very excited but scared incase it doesn't work too.

    Good luck!


  • Thanks for replying! image

    I guess I think because I've AWAYS been this way (ever since I started my periods) I'm kind of expecting problems!!

    Good luck with TTC - I really hope you are lucky pretty soon! xxx
  • Hi Littlena,

    I have exactly the same problem...I have been on the pill for the last 15 years and have had "normal" periods while on it but before that I could also go 6-8 months with no period.

    I came off the pill in February and so period so am worrying like you that I am not ovulating either so at the moment I am willing to give anything a go to get the periods starting again.....(never thought I would wish for a period but there you go!) so I have just started taking a herbal remedy called Agnus Castus - its meant to be good for kick starting your reproductive system into ovulating.....I only started it yesterday so cant say if it works or not but as I say....willing to try anything!!

    Good luck


  • That is the reason I went on my pill to regulate my periods as I used to be so heavy and have a period for a full 7 days. I did come off my pill in 2008 and my periods were irregular but then i ended up back on my pill with my divorce etc. I am due to finish my pill on Thursday with AF on Monday. I will soon find out how regular I am going to be. I just hope it doesn't make my IBS worse!:\)

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