Second baby??????

im 21 i have a 14month old little boy, and me and my partner have been talking about wanting another child, the only thing is we are getting married in september and not to sound selfish but would like to fit in my dress so we arent sure wether to try before september with not much weight put on or try after my head is everywhere at the minute help


  • Lilangel18, If i was in your shoes i would love to plan and have my amazing wedding day as it is once in a lifetime (hopefully) and children are for a lifetime. Its not selfish at all and just think of all the trying that could come after the wedding day and honeymoon, that couldnt be a more perfect time. Plus your still young and have plenty of time on your side and you could still be pregnant by the end of this year. I just think if you have your heart set on a gorgeous day have that special moment together.

    Hope that helps, but go with what your heart is telling you.

    Good Luck hun XX
  • firstly congrats on your forthcoming wedding image

    i got married sept 08, as i was on the pill i came off that in the june but unfortuantly my periods were very long and irregular and took us to the following april to concieve,

    i think it really depends what you want from our wedding day, i would love to have been pregnant and as it happened i had very little alcohol that day anyway, if you want to induldge on your wedding day and your honeymoon i would say start on your wedding night image
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