Pre TTC to do list.

OK girls - I am thinking of all the things I need to sort out before I can start TTC.

Smear test - done, results came through today.
Rubella jab - done
Check up (height/weight/bp) - done, all fine
Swine flu jab - can't have it, as I am not pregnant yet (but dont think I will have it when I am preg!)
Registered with dentist - done
Lose baby weight from when I had Abby - just 1 or 2 pounds to go (but I fit into my pre-preg clothes so I am happy).
Sort out money (can we afford it?) - DH is looking into this

Have I missed anything???


  • vitamins, folic acid?
    wish I was as organised as you! We will be trying at the endof Jan and trying to lose weight before then, dont think its going to happen tho!
    good luck ttc babydust
  • sounds like you're on to a winner!

    i was almost too scared to click on to this forum - i'm always on trying for a baby but planning for one - that's a whole different scenario.

    i have no idea if we can afford it - i know what we can afford but no idea if that's enough LOL.

    i asked the quoestion before on costs - eg - getting ready for the arrival then every wk/month thereafter and you wouldn't believe the range of responses i got LOL.


    the only things i've prepared on yours and tc2ndbaby's list r the vitamins / oh - and dentist.

  • Vitamins! Of course!
    Princess - I was exactly the same, maybe we can be scared together! image
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