Diagnosis at last!!!!!!!

Well I have been to the doctors this morning and have eventually been given a diagnosis and medication for that. I have been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). When I look back I probably had this longer than just before I went through all my divorce problems etc as the symptoms are quite common to period pain with the abdominal pain, cramps, back ache, tiredness, bloating. I have been given Loperamide 2mg (1 to be taken 3x a day) for the diarrhoea and Mebeverine 135mg (1 to be taken 3x a day) for the cramps. The doctor did ask whether I thought I was depressed. I said I didn't think I was due to being an emotional person and hormonal around AF time. I am just pleased I at last have a diagnosis as it has been going on a long time. I just need to learn to relax more as I am a natural born worrier! I didn't realise how much my Mam went through with her IBS and have a new found respect for her bless her.

Anyone else suffer from this condition? xx




  • hi hun, ive suffered with it since i was 16, no medication worked for me except anti depressants as they block the nerve signals aparantly.
    If i start to worry i almost instantly get stomach cramps, and doubled over in pain, so i try to just take things in my stride, easier said than done with my hubby out in afgan lol. im intrigued as to whether my ibs will get worse or clear up during pregnancy, oh well got a few months before i can find out lol
    hope the meds work for you image x
  • glad you have got things moving, hope the meds help x
  • I take mebeverine for sticky scar tissue from where I had my appendix removed. Its great stuff!
  • I have been given Loperamide 2mg (1 to be taken 3x a day) for the diarrhoea and Mebeverine 135mg (1 to be taken 3x a day) for the cramps.

    Hi Shoegal

    I also suffer from very bad IBS and a pretty severe gluten intolerance and so I know how you are feeling! I have had to cut all gluten out of my diet and it has made me feel heaps better.

    I saw a specialist and she also gave me Mebeverine for the cramps. Try to avoid taking the loperamide too much though (it is just immodium and IBS sufferers ofter alternate between diarrhoea and constipation and using laxitives and immodium just throws your body's natural rythms out)

    The best thing you can do is keep a food, pain and "movements" diary so that you can check if there is any link with what you eat. you will be amazed at what seems to set you off. My mum can't eat raw onions and another friend is set off by yeast (poor thing - that's no wine for her!!)

    Managing IBS by diet is tough at first (try finding a gluten free meal on a night out!!) but totally worthwhile and actually makes you a lot healthier as the triggers are usually wheat / dairy.

    Good luck and PM me if you want to know anything more.

  • Hi Shoegal,

    I bet that is such a relief for you having a diagnosis. Please can i ask what tests etc the doctor did or sent you for before giving you a diagnosis? I think i suffer very similsr symptoms to you. The symptoms for me started when i went through a really stressful time at uni. Ive been trying to ignore it really. I went to the doctor a few years ago who did blood tests but they came back fine. My mum suffers really badly with IBS and I think im scared to admit that Im going a similar way to my mum! I think i need to do something about it - but I would really like to know what tests etc the doctor did to confirm IBS please, if you don't mind?

    Thank you, and good luck I hope you start feeling better soon.

  • Sarahjj - that is exactly what I am like. If I start worrying about the slightest thing my stomach starts to churn and I get the cramps. Ah I don't know how you cope with your hubby in afgan - my heart goes out to you. That would definitely set my tummy off.

    Piggypops - Thanks! To be honest I was starting to think I was imagining it all and I am just pleased I can start to look to ease it and change my diet if necessary.

    Biliboi - Well it seems to be taking all my pain away. I have only taken it one day and my cramps have eased and even my dull ache has gone.

    BeyondBroody - Well I am not going to take the Loperamide today as I haven't been to the toilet since Sunday and don't want to go the other way. I will just take that if i get the diarrhoea really bad to give me a break if it gets too much as some days that is all I do dash to the loo. A few people have recommended that I do that and the Dr said it is a good idea so you know what triggers it. I am going to type myself a little chart I think and start keeping track of everything. I will be gutted if it is wheat and dairy that triggers it as that is all I eat, brown bread, brown rice, spready cheese, butter, milk and I love eggs, scrambled, fried, poached; all different ways. Thanks I will do :\)

    I found this website yesterday when reading up on IBS:




  • Ali27 - To be honest I didn't have any tests done. I think once I described all my symptoms and explained that I was going through divorce she pretty much knew. Especially when my Mam suffers from it. I am not sure whether it is hereditary or not but would make sense as I suffer migraines like my Mam too. The doctor asked whether I had passed blood or black stools and I hadn't. If I had then I think tests would have been done. She did examine my stomach too. I guess if the meds don't work and I still have trouble then I would go back to the doctor. I am not sure what tests are done to diagnose it but I wouldn't be scared. I would just go and explain everything to the doctor and explain that you are having a bad time at Uni. My Mam's was triggered badly by being really stressed at work and hating her job and the atmopshere at work, working for a boss that she didn't get on with.

    Well my cramps have eased and the dull ache but the Loperamide has made me constipated I think so not taking that today.

    I definitely think I have had this longer when I think back. I had a stressful 3 years when I moved into my flat as my husband at the time never contributed to the mortgage etc, only bills he paid were sky, tv license and some groceries because of his debt. I married him and things didn't change so looking back I think I had it then and confused it with bad period pain. Apparently it is worse when you are on so that is why I had my periods investigated. Hope you get yourself sorted soon; I would definitely go to the doctors though :\)



  • Thanks, i think i will. uni was 10 years ago, im 29 now, so i definately should. Thanks for your post its really helped. We are trying for baby number 3, so i really want to sort this out.

    Im sorry to hear you've had so many problems with your divorce etc, I hope you can be happy now.

    Keep us informed of how you get on. xx
  • IBS is a strange one to diagnose. It is basically diagnoed by eliminating all other causes and so there are some pretty unpleasant tests that have to be done to rule out anything more serious.

    I had a whole heap of blood tests, a colonoscopy with 10 biopsies and a gastroscopy with 4 biopsies. Not nice at all and so they only do it if you have some of the more severe symptoms like passing blood etc.

    living with IBS is fine and stress does play a big part so trying to reduce stress in your life will help as will modifying your diet.

    I never thought I could live without bread and pizza etc but there are some good substitutes out there and my love of chips as increased as they are one of my relatively safe foods!!!

    BB x
  • Ali27 - I am 28 and will be trying for my first. I am finishing my pill on Thursday and plan TTC straight away, so excited! Taking my Pregnacare. I am much happier with my OH just wish I had met him sooner my life would have been so much different and I probably would have had children earlier. I will keep you posted, thanks xx

    BeyondBroody - I guess that is why she didn't feel it necessary to run those kind of invasive tests because I wasn't passing blood or black stools (thank god). I think that hardest part for me will be trying not to stress or worry as I am a natural born worrier and take after my Dad with stressing. I am definitely going to look at my diet and keep a diary. Thanks for your advice xx



  • Good luck with the TTC and with your IBS.
    I used to let all the really small and unimportant things get me down but I have learnt to stop caring about the things I can't chance and it's made me a lot more chilled out! I know it's hard to do but focus on what you have that is fab and don't let the rest get you down.

    It sounds like you have found happiness with your OH and that is wonderful. Lucky you!

  • Thanks! I can't wait to start a family with him. I am really lucky to have been given this second chance at life so grabbing it with both hands! xx



  • I went to see Evie on Friday night and she was in such a happy mood. We are just waiting for her biopsy date to be confirmed. Thanks for that link it did help reading those posts xx



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