Can I join you on Planning a baby?!

Hi Girls...
I am soooo excited! My OH and I have decided to try for another baby in March. so a few months from now but... YAY.
We already have two beautiful boys, aged 20 months and 5 months. We have decided March because thats when our eldest turns 2. We want our kids close together - as you probably guessed!
I am so excited to have another as I just LOVE being a mummy. image and I am seriously broody, I think there must be something seriously wrong with me to want all these kids so close together but the broodyness just takes over. I actually nearly bought a dress in M&S today for a baby girl, how mental is that? I'm not even pregnant, and obviously even if I was trying its a bit mad to buy something for a specific sex lol!
well Thats Me,
Look forward to 'meeting' you all!
H x


  • Congratulations! I'm so jealous!! Lol We're not planning to try for another till our son is 3 which won't be till October 2011 so no more babies till 2012 image lol

    Good luck!
  • Congratulations! We're trying in July 2010 and it can't come soon enough!!!

    We have a 13 month old little lady called Lucy who is just a joy x
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